what kind of poetry
do cancer cells mouth to the gathering crowds?
what kind of dance?
what type of painting?
maybe a Picasso wannabe
what sound?
wind chimes, one melodic bar striking another and then another
following a haphazard
pattern less
random musical score
the sounds of harmonically challenged notes

by Sheryl McCurdy


Wanting Warmth or Dancing Light

Do the bones of the earth
Long for quivering flesh

Once again

Aching for the solid comfort

To be wrapped in warmth

Or do they dance light and free

Embracing the coolness

Without envy

Under the dark sky

Beating the tombs as drums

by Sheryl McCurdy

Rolling the flesh between
finger and thumb
does that kernel of skin
contain toxins
over and over and over again
creating a monster seedling
small and deadly
spreading a network of roots
this fleshy sack
just a green house
with perfect conditions prevailing
buds just waiting
to rise to the surface
burst on through
unfurl their petals tainted with blood
that open wide to display
a gory maw filled with pieces of you
ravaged and torn
emiting an evil smell
that pinches the nostrils tightly shut
leaving one
wondering while
rolling the flesh between
finger and thumb
how to keep abreast of the scent of doom
when toxic conditions
could be prevailing
anytime soon
by Sheryl McCurdy