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Dad has been having alot of tearing from his eyes…especially his left one. The oncologist suggested some eye drops and they help a bit but now they say…eye Dr. There is a side effect from Taxotere of tear duct blockage potential. So…right now…dad is using the drops and applying warm moist packs and we will see what happens.
He has an occasional loose sounding cough…but it seems to be related to the sinus drainage crap.
Weight good. Hgb…could be better…12 ish. PT/INR…stable. White count is low. No chemo this week. He has a CT scan next week…then…how many more chemos??

Dad had Taxotere today. His labs looked good…though his hgb is only 12.1 and I’d like to see that higher. His PT/INR is stable and no med changes were made. His white count is a bit low and I don’t remember that happening before.
I wasn’t able to go today or last week either. Work is starting to close in on me. Next week dad has no chemo and the week after that…another CT scan and chemo and a Dr. appointment. Maybe then we will find out if he needs more chemo or he can take a break for awhile.
I wish only that Dad could taste food now. He really misses that. Everything tastes like crap, he says. He seems tired lately. He has a bit of a cough…loose…like a sinus drainage type of cough. When he doesn’t use his eye drops he has “drippy eyes” and “drippy nose”. Tobredex QID seems to help with this. Dad says he wonders if he will ever get over the effects of chemo. He says he feels “fuzzy” and “not right”. He doesn’t seem to wonder aloud if he will ever get over the effects of lung cancer.

That’s the chemo routine…so far.
Dad looks good really…maybe a bit frail. I noticed today that his forearms are smaller. Generally his body just looks smaller. He weighs about 172 or so. Staying the same really. Just muscle mass shrinkage I guess. He occasionally has a productive cough. Not often. His hgb rose a bit up to 13 something this last time. I was glad to see that. His PT/INR is staying where the Dr’s want it…between 2 and 3 for the INR. Dad occasionally takes Lasix for fluid in his legs…just prn and he also takes Potassium when he takes Lasix other than those meds…he just takes the weekly toxic waste. I wasn’t able to go last time. Hopefully this week I can finangle it. I will be short staffed at work the first few weeks of July so that may be a problem.
I went out and used the weed eater aka Bush Hog at Mom and Dads this weekend. That place is a lot of yard work. Maybe going to be too much for them to handle soon. I’m not sure. I’ve always loved that place and I’d hate to see it sold to an “outsider” but I can see that eventually the work is going to be too much for Dad.

Dad has been having some annoying side effects from the Taxotere. Mouth “soreness” but no sores, loose stools occasionally, and a rashy dry area on his forehead. His nose and eyes are “running” too. The worst thing? He can’t taste anything. Since he can’t smoke anymore and his food tastes like nothing he can enjoy none of his old vices whatsoever.
Mom and Dad saw Dr. Lewis mentor after his CT scan for possible treatment of those above symptoms. Dr. Mentor reviewed the chart, spoke with dad and basically said, These things will pass when the chemo is over.
The end.
Dad was satisfied.
okay then…
This week, when we went back up, Dad got another round of taxotere, zymeda and a prescription for eye drops He is using Aveeno lotion on his rash and that helps. The eyes are slightly better. His nose…still running. His is slightly forgetful. His bloodwork is good. His skin is still too dry. He has only a bit of a cough. He is taking his Lasix prn…but a bit more often lately. His weight was up to 176. He is eating well even though there are no discernible flavors…except maybe strawberry. We’ve tried having him eat a sour pickle before meals…but…it didn’t work.
He got signed up for chemo through July! How many cycles are they going to give him? It sure would be nice if a Dr. would be available to visit with you once in a great while. I’ve read where they give up to 9 cycles…but hell…I don’t even know how many Dad’s had. Seems like a zillion or so. He started off with Taxol…had 4 of those…then we switched to Taxotere…and he’s had alot of them.
I’m going to get some answers tomorrow by God or that clinic will regret it!

We just got the CT results faxed to us and everything is “stable” so that’s good. No growth, no new nodules. There is a bit of increase in the pleural effusion…but not significant. I wonder if that is due to the radiation or the chemo itself. EVerything else is the same.
Due to medication side effects Dad can’t taste anything except raspberry jello and his hgb is 12.7 so he is a little more “run down” feeling I imagine. Maybe he will be done with this type of chemo now. I hope so.
He is supposed to see the oncologist on Thursday so maybe things will change at that time.
At least now I feel a little bit better about being gone for a few days on the BRAN ride.

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