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Besides having a few “hurling squirts” Dad is feeling alright. Who knows what the gi upset could be related to. I think it could be narrowed down to: chemo, taco soup, oral meds, IV meds, SQ meds, stress and NO not my cooking!
Mark gave Dad his sq injections tonight as I was escorting Katie and some of her friends on a: prom dress tryonathon and mall run in Kearney. Tomorrow Katie is 17 years old. We will celebrate by eating at Mom and Dads for lunch.
I feel like my allergies have kicked in. I think from the perfume counter at Herbergers at the mall. Good God could they have MORE perfume out in samples for bored children to spray at will throughout the store??

Dad feels better…as far as the shoulder pain goes. He doesn’t seem to be coughing as much either. The lovenox injections continue through this weekend as does the coumadin 5 mg po q day. He got his PT/INR checked today and his blood remains too “thick” yet. He will get his labs redrawn on Monday.
I am curious if anyone else has had trouble such as this after receiving Zymeta IVPB???

Today, we went to see the oncologist, (who we didn’t actually see but Dad had blood work drawn at the clinic where the DR. does work) and good news, for the most part…his labs were good…Although…his WBC count was a bit high at 19. No symptms of infection that we are aware of…Although he has had this severe shoulder pain. We think he pulled a muscle while pulling back his new compound bow…or we blame it on the IV injection of Zymeta he received on Monday, 1 week ago.
Okay…so we are off for a CT scan at the Hospital now. Dad has been NPO since 1030. Oddly, he gets in right away and the scan takes only about 15 minutes. We have time to eat before the next appointment! We go to Perkins and I have a damn good crispy chicken sandwich there. So much for the diet. Dad gets…as ALWAYS…the 55 plus traveler with extra bacon. Mom gets a plate of seafood the size of my ass. We graze. At 1:30 we leave Perkins and get to our scheduled appointment at the Radiologist, which is at the Cancer Center. We wait approximately 1 hour and then we get in. Dad weighs in at 170 (where he has remained for quite some time). Dr listens to Dad’s lungs and pronounces them “clear” which shocks the hell out of me as I could not hear a thing on either side when I listened yesterday. The Dr. also offers Kenolog lotion for the treatment of Dad’s radiation burn which has manifested itself on his left scapular area. The area is slightly red and the skin is dry and itchy…otherwise…no problems. The Dr of Radiology now dismisses my Dad and says That’s All Folks! And leaves us in the care of our oncologist. We say See Ya! and blast off toward home.
We stop at a grocery store about 40 minutes out of town and stock up on veggies and meat and cheese and fresh fruits.
Finally we get home. I walk in the door and see my son Alec on the phone. I get on, and my hubby says, The Oncologist nurse called and your Dad has small PE in his right lung. He needs Luvonox injections and a PT/INR drawn at the hospital and then he is to start on Coumadin(blood thinner). I stand there with my mouth hanging open thinking…WHY DID THAT BASTARD DR LISTEN TO MY DAD’S LUNGS AND SAY…CLEAR…HOW DOES THAT MAN SLEEP AT NIGHT??!!
I call Mom. She tells me that the oncologists nurse left an answering machine message that states: Larry, according to the radiologist(overread of the CT scan) you have some clots in your right lung and you need to be hospitalized and we will get a bed ready for you at Good Samaritan in Kearney…1 1/2 hours away…where we JUST GOT BACK FROM!!!!!!
Mom and then I talked to Dr. Lewis and she stated that Dad could stay home, rest and take injections and oral blood thinner and that we were to call if he had any increased SOB or pain or blood in this sputum. She stated that Yes, Dad’s shoulder pain was indeed related to blood clots in his lung. huh
What a day.
I took the lovenox prescription from Mark, gave Dad his sq shot and then went home to give my kid Tylenol, make supper, do dishes and bite fingernails.

Dad’s troubles started after that Zymeta infusion. Mom and I both think that is the cause of these clots.

Now…bloodwork on Friday, Monday and Wednesday…it’s chemo time again.

I think.
Suddenly, after the radiation is done for 1 week, Dad developed a “burn” about the size of a hand on his back, the left side. He says it doesn’t hurt…just itches.
We go on Wednesday to have bloodwork, CT scan and see the oncologist and radiologist once again.
3 chemo left…as of yet.

Dad received a dose of IVPB Zymeta after getting his blood work drawn here in Cambridge. He tolerated the procedure well with mild heartburn the only side effect so far. The blood work was good, showing most all labs in normal range…the exception, calcium which was only .6 out of the range.
Weight is stable at around 170, appetite…fair…everything tastes crappy he says. Occasionally coughing…nothing too bad.
And he still has hair!

Dad hasn’t been taking his Lasix or Potassium and is only taking his TJN’s(twin jet nebulizor treatments) prn (as needed). He feels his legs aren’t as edematous, and they aren’t and that the TJN’s were making him cough more.
Ethel, one of Dad’s chemo nurses called on Thursday and said that Dad had to have an IV treatment of some sort (mom couldn’t remember) to “make his bones stronger). I think it has something to do with an elevation in his serum Calcium level. His is 1 point higher than it should be. Anyway…the thing is, the centrifuge was down at the office where they drew his blood and they had to ship his blood over to the hospital for a read, so the lab was different and I’m not sure I agree with treating him without another blood draw first.
So….we are supposed to go to our hospital on Monday, mid morning and get his IV treatment of some sort.
We’ll see. I may have to make some phone calls first.

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We left for Kearney about 7 am in order to get Dad’s radiation treatment done before his chemo appointment. This time he got in and out of the radiology department quickly. We left for the oncologists office immediately and upon arrival, Dad got his blood work done. As we waited in the room for the NP(nurse practitioner) to come in and examine Dad and ask the same damn questions he just answered for the radiology nurses I heard the lab wench say that the centrifuge was not cooperating.
Oh boy.
Let me guess.
Yes, another delay.
The NP came in and asked all the same question her nurse just asked that resembled the questions that the radiology nurse just asked and guess what?
The answers were the same.
Then…we were told that Dad’s blood work would have to be taken over to the hospital and that we would have time for “breakfast” and to come back in 45 minutes.
We went to Micky D’s and Dad ate apple pies and and an egg, bacon McMuffin and coffee. Mom nibbled that stuff too. I got a diet Coke.
When we returned we waited for awhile and another while and yet more whiles. Finally, the good news: The blood work is okay!
Let the chemo begin!
Dad was premedicated with Prednisone and Benedryl for the last 24 hours in preparation for this chemo treatment as he has reacted the last 2 times. Did it work?
HE STILL REACTED. Breathing shutting down, flushing, coughing…just not as bad as the 2 previous times.
shit fire and hide the fucking matches
After an IV dose of Solu Medrol he was fine and fit as a fiddle and able to take the poison aka cure from hell Taxol.
Mom and I left to do a few errands when Dad relaxed and started to doze and she returned some pants at Walmart and I wandered around buying a new curling iron, forgetting the very important item…hair dye, getting Mark orange and black shorts and a new black shirt that says basketball, and piling a sack of some kind of freaky trail mix into my cart.
We brought Dad a chocolate shake from Sonic and waited for the chemo to be done. Finally around 4:30 he was free from IV lines and we were out the door. Dad felt great and off to the wild blue yonder we flew.

How come when Dad gets chemo I’M THE ONE EXHAUSTED!??

Tomorrow…the last radiation treatment and then we don’t have to go to Kearney for 2 whole weeks!

Holy SHIT!

Today Dad and I saw about 3,000 snow geese east of Axtell. Most had their downy asses planted in a corn field but some were hovering above the land all in a long white row. I wish I’d brought my camera. There was a light dusting of snow last night and the geese sure blended in to the rough stalks of corn and plowed land.
We had to wait for Dad’s radiation treatment for over an hour today which is not the norm. The cancer center had extra patients as they were helping out another place where the machines were down. The waiting room was full of new people. No one we knew for once. Funny, now we are the “old timers” there. We know where the goodies are, how to make the coffee, how to use the new computer terminal and sign in. We know the look of the newly diagnosed, the silence they wear in their eyes, the weight of papers they carry inside their new “living with cancer” guidebook. We know who the workers are and the ambulance drivers and the radiation tech’s. We know that turtledove nest above the cancer center doorway and that once should never look up when entering. We know the men’s bathroom can “lock itself” when empty and that you have to use a butter knife to get it open. There are no keys.
It might feel strange not going to the treatments. Kind of like we are not doing enough. We will have 4 more chemo treatments though. Next one on Wednesday. Hopefully the pre treatment of Prednisone and Benedryl will stop the annoying allergic reaction dad has – not breathing.

Dad had his bloodwork drawn on Wednesday and everything looked good. All normal ranges. We talked to the Radiologist and saw the most recent PET scan. The tumor seems to have a shrunk a bit and his airway is not as compromised. I was a bit shocked at the size the tumor appeared to be…but I’m not sure I “got it” right either. The Dr. haphazardly held up the scan as he was reading and talking and I was busy listening and then I didn’t want to ask him to repeat anything. Doc says we are right on target and that Dad will be done with radiation next Thursday…unless Dr. Lewis( the oncologist)advises us differently.
Dad has chemo on Feb 8th and then he will be halfway done. So far…he feels great! He’s even able to cut down on his breathing treatments.
Everyone in town has severe colds, coughs, bronchitis etc. I hope he doesn’t get it. But what can you do? It’s everywhere.

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